Decorative Concrete Floors

Acid Stain Floor Walnut 5
Concrete has become the new flooring material of choice for designers and homeowners across the United States. The advantage for using decorative concrete flooring is the affordability, durability and the ease of maintenance.

There are several different interior floor applications to choose from.  The most common are Metal Fx which is a commercial grade high gloss epoxy that turns a regular concrete floor into a floor with metallic marble effects.  Another possibility is a “polished floor”.  You can polish an existing concrete floor or add color to the polishing process to add new life into a dull concrete finish.  You may also use an acid stain or water base acid stain which comes in a variety of color, character and marbling options.  A high quality polyurethane sealant is used over all of the products for protection and a nice gloss shine.

Color Charts for Decorative Concrete Floors:

Metal FX Colors

Stone Essence Colors

Concrete Stain Colors